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Knight's Gambit

February 8, 2014

Hunter Hills Church of Christ
330 Old Farm Lane N
Prattville, AL 36067

The Shire of Thorngill invites you to one of the premier fighting events in Meridies.

Come spend the day with Knights! Show off your skills in the Robert Hightower Unbelted Classic, and then get the opportunity to train, one on one, with the Knights! There will be a Knights Q & A during lunch and many other activities for non-fighters; guild activities, RUM classes, a scriptorium and what-ever else we can fit! This is the same location as last year, so don’t worry about bad weather, we can fight in-doors! This is a one day event, but there are many hotels in the area and we can arrange crash space as well. A lunch buffet shall be available during the day with one pass per token.

Site opens Saturday at 8AM and closes at 7PM. Please note that this is a Day Trip only. There will be no primitive camping available. The location is central to several hotels and Wal-Mart. Please also note that our site is a church, and as such is a dry site – no alcohol on site.

Event Steward: Reservations:
THLady Heahburh aet Niwecastel    Mistress Signy Ingadottir
(Diane Huff) (Diane Wallace)
334-365-8336 334-365-9127
 1486 County Road 51
Co-event Steward:Prattville, AL 36067
Lady Bridgid Of Thorngill 
(Tabatha Lowery) 
Head Cook: Classes, Guilds, Etc
Da’ud ibn Maqil    Lady Geira Dansdottir
(Nathan Wilkerson) (Kim Leifer)

Take your best route to I-65 above Montgomery, AL. Take exit 181 and go west on Fairview Avenue (towards Prattville). After 1/2 of a mile, you will turn left on Old Farm Lane. A little more than 1/2 a mile you will turn left and the church will be at the end of this road.


Event: $7.00
Event w\Feast: $12.00
(Knights get in for free)

Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc./Shire of Thorngill
Non-members add $5.00 to listed prices
As per kingdom law: No family shall pay a site fee higher than 3 adult member prices for admission to an event as long as the children are 15 years of age or younger and they are all members

Lunch Menu

Lords and Ladies all will have any one of four entrees:

Individual Portion Meatloaf, Served with Split Roll (Hamburger!)
Sausage, Also served with Split Roll (Hot Dog!)
    Torn salad, sliced Love apples, sliced Onions, and various exotic sauces will be available to accompany these.

Hand Pie, stuffed with Assorted Spiced Meats (Personal Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza!)
Hand Pie, stuffed with Assorted Vegetables (Personal Veggie Pizza!)

All entrees will be served with Roasted Ground Tubers. (Potato Wedges!)
Alexander tarts will be available as dessert.
Tea and Water will be available to drink.

Luncheon will open at 12:00PM, and will close. . .when we run out of food!


Novice classes
first class - Beginning calligraphy, by THL Mara Palmer.
A one hour practice session on calligraphy. Bring pen & ink.
2nd class - Scroll layout, by Graidhne ni Ruaidh.
A one hour session with lots and lots of book examples.
3rd class - Running a scriptorium, panel discussion.
A one hour session.
4th class - More calligraphy, by THL Symonee de la Fontaine.
A one hour session from another point of view. Pen and Ink!
5th class - Inspiration, by Catriona the Blind.
Planning a brilliant scroll for a specific person.
Advanced classes
first class - gilding, by Mistress Adela Scrijver van Brugge.
This is a two hour class.
2nd class - vellum, by THL Symonee de la Fontaine.
This is a two hour class about prepping and making vellum.
3rd class - grisaille, by Maestra Isabella de Boyce.
This is a two hour class on a monochromatic illumination technique.

There will be a day-long scriptorium for you to practice your art with others and share tips and ideas. Maestra Isabella will be running a display of the scribal arts so bring your favorite scrolls with you, both those that you have created and those you have received.

Lunch Menu!



A listing of the hotels located in close proximity to the event site.